Bill is a networking allstar! He runs Computer Consulting Group, that helps with IT from small grannies to small (and medium-sized) businesses! He's great with both computer and telephony systems, and gets people the best deals, plans, setups, etc.

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My company is PC/Windows-based. My own work-computer was on Windows-8, and I was trying to hold off the mandatory upgrade to Windows-10 for about a week and a half, and eventually it overrode me and went into “automatic upgrade” mode. In the middle of the upgrade, the thing just stopped. My computer was TOTALLY UNUSABLE.

It was the perfect timing. Bill was able to IMMEDIATELY come to the rescue and helped me navigate two key things that were stopping me from being operational on the new computer:

  1. Re-pointing Outlook so I could access all my email-history, and
  2. Helping me clean-up Dropbox on the new computer.

Bill COMPLETELY SOLVED both issues for me – actually guiding me thru it so I could actually learn for the future how to re-point stuff and what to look for. He wasn’t too pushy about what I need to do, but he also wasn’t too slow about “Well, you could do this or you could do this.” Bill was the perfect mixture of what you want in an IT-Support person for your work or home-computer. His rate was fair, reasonable, and it was the best check I ever wrote – b/c he got me to a point where I had been “sub-operational” for the 2.5 days prior. I literally couldn’t stop patting him on the back I was so pleased with how he fixed my computer.

So I want to THANK Bill for the work he did for me AND THE ONGOING WORK he’ll do with us to help identify all the Anti-virus, Anti-malware, New Employee “Imaging” of software for a new computer, etc etc etc. But I also want to encourage ALL of you to feel very very comfortable to send into any of yours or your Customer’s companies to help them “fix their stuff” and make their situation better. Bill brought to my attention that all these years I’ve been buying “Consumer-grade” computers and stuff, and that we should graduate to “Commercial-grade” computers and stuff.

If Bill was able to help me figure out a bunch of stuff we were doing wrong (and we are a Tech company!!), I guarantee he can help improve your situation too and I give my highest endorsement for him.

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God bless you for being there for me one more time!

Jack Falvey